Blue Ivy (marco x dusa) livin in Iowa with Victor Hall and Brittany Smith

Arlo (Marco x Taja) owned by Leigh Decorde in Idaho!

Diesel (marco x Dusa) livin in Texas with Jose Aldana

Lilly (marco x Dusa) living in Idaho with Calder Mccoy

Tokyo (marco x dusa) stayed here at B Town pictured here at 13 weeks

Ghost (Blazer x Dusa)…livin in Texas with Danny Cano and Amanda Jansen!

Louie (Blazer x Dusa) was 4 months in this pic. Living in Missouri with jack and Nicole Healy

Taja (Blazer x Dusa) was also around 4 months in this pic. Keeper female co owned with Josie Castenada!

Astro (Julius x Tokyo) this striking fella lives in Iowa with Victor Hall and Brittany Smith!

Merkava (Julius x Tokyo) lives with Steven Burgess and Sam Maximena. They own Julius ๐Ÿ‘‘

OAKLAND!!! I kept this fella right here with me. (Julius x Tokyo)

Duchess keeper female from (Julius and Tokyo) she is on a co own with Fernando and Lorinna Salazar in Wyoming.

Athena the runt from (Julius x Tokyo) small little dog that’s full of dynamite. I had to keep this one on a co own as well. She lives in my home town with Austin Hill

a few of the other pups out of Julius x Tokyo


Nilla B and Star (Big Hoss x Dusa) Nilla B stayed here and Star is in Iowa with Vic and Britt!!

Tokyo had a long night …

Athena (Marco x Taja) owned by Jose Hernandez and his lady Rochelle in Oregon!!

Annabelle Lee (marco x taja) keeper female at 4 weeks old!

“ida” (Marco x Taja) livin large with the rapper Pit Wilson tte

RIVER!!! (marco x Taja) keeper male on a co own with Rayce Ranstrom and Shacquille Pugmire. he lives in S.E. Idaho

Scarlet (Marco x Nilla B) being held by a lil dude that lives down the street. this beauty of a female lives in Missouri with Jack and Nicole Healy!!

Boss Man and Sixx (Marco x Nilla B) Boss Man lives in California with Judi Pollette and Sixx is right here in my home town with Tim and Rhonda Cody.

Boss Man at a few weeks older!

Stone Cold Keeper Boy off (Marco x Nilla B)