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No worries here at B Town Bulls…we are just busy crowning kings!


B Town is bringing Luxury dogs with a twist of the junk yard thrown in. Β Get yourself a REAL dog!!! πŸ’―


And that kid is only 18 months!!! πŸƒ



Welcome to B Town Bulls!! We are an up and coming American Bully kennel, located in South East Idaho. Since beginning in 2013, my focus has been to create the ultimate K9 companion for you and your family.Β 

Temperment is priority #1 here at B Town. Β My dogs have stable temperments with sweet dispositions. Β Breeding conformationally correct and healthy dogs is also a priority. Β I have plans on creating some working dogs in the future … so if thats your thing stay tuned, but if you are just looking for a Dog to complete your family now, B Town Bulls has what you are looking for!!!

KID TESTED MOTHER APPROVED! βœ” them out below πŸ‘‡

A young Diesel (Marco x Dusa) laying a kiss on his brother. Diesel is owned by Jose Aldana in Texas!! Jose actually owns 2 B Town Bulls πŸ’―

Marco meeting one of my great nieces, for the for the first time, while camping at a famly reunion.

Louie (Blazer x Dusa) chillin like a villian, with his brother. Louie is owned by Jack and Nicole Healy in Missouri. They also own 2 B Town Bulls!!! We love repeat clients πŸ’―

Miss Blue Ivy (Marco x Dusa) watchin over her little dude. Ivy is owned by Victor Hall and Brittany Smith in Iowa. Once again….they have 3 B Town Bulls!!! πŸ˜±πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

Marco again, laying some love on Ryder. Marco is mine, but Ryder is Shawna Hawker’s from Idaho 🀣🀣

Taja (Blazer x Dusa) as a puppy with one of her brothers. Taja is co owned with Josie Castenada right here in Idaho!!

Astro (Julius x Tokyo) hangin out with baby vic in Iowa


Here at B Town Bulls we don’t do a lot of talking, we let the dogs do the talking for us. πŸ’― Β We will, however, be available for questions, concerns, and/or support if you are wanting, or needing any. Β  If you want to be left alone with your new dog we can do that as well. 😁 I say this because I love to spend a lot of alone time with my dogs. Β 

Marco just being the man, out at his playground. Dude is a specimen, wouldn’t you agree?

Dusa at a family reunion in the rocky mountains. This is our foundation female, and she is the funniest dog I have ever owned! What a personality!! She will be retired in 2019.

Tokyo at 9 months young peeing in the pool πŸ˜±πŸ˜‚ Tokyo is no longer with the B Town camp….very sad day when I lost her.

Taja (Blazer x Dusa) is tenacious! This female will be the beginning of my working dog line. She is a bad bitch πŸ”₯

BTB’s Vanilla Bean aka Nilla B (Big Hoss x Dusa) can be a very protective female, but has a heart of gold!

Oakland (Julius x Tokyo) is gonna do big things in the bully world. just 18 months in this pic!! He is a Castro grandson and has 3 grand champs in his pedigree in the first 3 gens. keep your eye on this kid!!!

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wow!! what can I say about Duchess (Julius x Tokyo) I believe she was 10 months young in this pic!! she is a thick female. shorter female, but thicky thick girl she is….and just look at those feet!!

This here is Athena (Julius x Tokyo) she is the smallest dog I own and was the runt out of that litter. She is a ball of fire and will create B Towns line of smaller dogs

Yogi Blu Bear RIP (Marco x Kush). Yogi was arguably the prettiest blue dog to walk the planet. He was produced at wyobullies with Marco providing stud service. He will forever be missed.

Stone Cold (Marco x Nilla B) is just a wee pup, but keep your eyes on this young boy!

River (Marco x Taja) is an up and coming young stud. Pictured here about 4 months old. Gonna be a dope dog when he grows up!


Annabelle is with her pops in this pic (6 months), she is off (Marco x Taja), she has drive like her momma, and is going to be a foundation in my working dog line!!